C#7 and tuples

September 08, 2017

C# 7 is fun! Tuples are awesome and allow one to quickly swap variables:

(x, y) = (y, x);

Not only that, let’s say you have the following class:

public class Vector2
    public int X { get; }
    public int Y { get; }

    public Vector2(int x, int y)
        X = x;
        Y = y;

The constructor can be simplified to the following:

public Vector2(int x, int y) => (X, Y) = (x, y);

One can even play with fluent validation:

public struct Message
    public string Text { get; }
    public string Sender { get; }

    public Message(string text, string sender)
        => (Text, Sender) = (text.EnsureNotNull(), sender ?? string.Empty);

public static class Extensions
    public static T EnsureNotNull<T>(this T o) where T : class
        => o is null
        ? throw new ArgumentNullException()
        : o;

Notice the use of new throw expressions feature.